Our History

Pete’s Marina opened May of 1983.  At the time, you were offered moorage, gas and oil sales only. As the requests for rental boats was so great, Pete was able to put a 15′ ski boat with 50 HP motor and small fishing boat on line. By July 1983, Pete acquired the third boat for rent, 16′ Swiftsure with a 115 Merc outboard. The marina was off and running!

The demand for repairs on personal boats was also increasing. Pete started Pete’s Mobile Marine Service where his truck became his shop and his office. He would come to you. 

The marina continued to operate with small changes due to the requests of our clients. The biggest change was when Pete removed the office building to replace it with the “BOAT”, The Minnewanka, first tour boat at Lake Minnewanka. It was renovated to be the new office and a large deck was included for the ease of conducting business. As the rentals increased so did the need to keep the equipment current so new boats were included every few years. In the early 1990’s, Pete introduced 4 seadoos for rent.  These were  hot items!  In the mid 1990’s, Pete moved a semi trailer onto the property renovated it to be the corporate office and very small service facility. A work bench was built on the deck as most of the work was completed by daylight only.

Not much changed at the marina other than the demands for rentals and repair service. We were going crazy, a good crazy.  Now we were offering students summer jobs to rent boats, seadoos and pump gas. Oh the summer life in Invermere. 

Over the years, the BOAT, started to deteriorate and in 2005, a new office building was moved in. This worked but was very small , so in 2007 an addition building was built to help with the storage of boating gear. 

The service work continued to be more that what Pete himself could handle out of a small trailer/shop, so a service facility and storage yard were acquired. Now with a professional shop and all the proper tools and equipment, Pete was able to tackle the larger and more complex jobs increasing the number services offered such as professional detailing, storage and a much longer winterization season. He was able to work past dark and out of the elements. With the service work  increasing, it was a full time job for Norma managing the shop calendar, and daily operations of both shop and the marina.

In 2009, Pete’s Marina acquired the Ice Cream Float which you can see on the lake selling ice cream  to all the eager boaters. Everyone needs a summer treat !!

We, Pete and Norma are happy to say the marina and service shop are going strong. We hope to continue to service the valley with all your boating needs.